Karfan þín er tóm



The companies Varmaverk ehf and Velaverk ehf have merged under the new name Varma & velaverk. The purpose of this merger is to make a bigger and better company that can provide additional and increased services to our customers.

The mission of Varma & Velaverk is to offer technical sales and support for turn key solutions and components in the fields of thermal and mechanical systems.

The companies have been operating for 15 and 25 years respectively and we want to use this opportunity to thank our suppliers and customers for past business. The employees of the new company can now offer additional solutions and services and we trust that our customers will notice better service in future business.

In 2020 Johan Rönning ltd. took ownership of the business and in 2021 Johan Rönning ltd. merged with its parent company Fagkaup ltd.


We are located at Knarrarvogur 4 in 104 Reykjavík, you can reach us via phone at +354 585 1070.

Varma & vélaverk is a part of Fagkaup ltd. KT nr. 670169-5459, VSK nr. 11784.