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X - Serían

Robust and universal gear unit series which can be optimally adjusted to the task due to finely stepped torque ratings. The universal modular system concept sets new standards with respect to availability and offers a broad range of application options, e.g. for conveyor systems, ball mills and agitators. Application gear units, such as for bucket conveyors, complete the range

Your benefits
- Extremely robust gear unit housing
- Reduced costs and weight due to high power density and finely stepped sizes
- Effective cooling systems
- CCW and CW versions may be implemented in a single gear unit version
- Flexible mounting capability
- Efficient project planning tools including 2D and 3D dimension drawing generators
- Short delivery times for standard versions and spare parts
- Worldwide service

Hlekkur: http://www.sew-eurodrive.com

MC - Serían

MC series industrial gear units are particularly compact helical and helical-bevel gear units. The 7 sizes available in the MC series cover the 6 to 65 kNm (4,000 to 48,000 ft-lb) torque range. Their parallel shaft design offers plenty of flexibility in system design and requires remarkably little space. Application range for MC gear units: e.g. in materials handling, transporting heavy loads, mixing, crane drives and shredders. A version, based on this series, with extended bearing distance and reinforced output shaft, is also available.

Benefits for you
- High power density
- The compact drive ensures high torque transfer capacity
- Finely graduated torque
- Modular product concept
- Parts for standard versions are in stock, ensuring short delivery times
- Heavy-duty unit thanks to block housing
- Worldwide service

Hlekkur: http://www.sew-eurodrive.com

ML - Serían

The 5 sizes available in the ML series cover the 180 to 680 kNm torque range
ML series helical and helical-bevel gear units are the ideal platform for customized applications with a variety of options for connecting a wide range of modules. The flexibility and variability of these gear units are hard to beat. A wide range of modules for the input and output sides are available. The 5 sizes available in the ML series cover the 180 to 680 kNm torque range. Application areas for ML gear units: e.g. mining, crane construction...

Your benefits
- Modifications can be easily accommodated (benefits in price and delivery time)
- Good thermal properties due to separate housing (specifically 1, 2 and 3 stages)
- Delivery time approx. 10 to 12 weeks
- Easy maintenance due to parting line
- Worldwide service

Hlekkur: http://www.sew-eurodrive.com

P - Serían

P series units are available in 9 sizes, covering the 24 to 359 kNm (18,000 to 265,000 ft-lb) torque range.

Up to now, it was almost impossible to order planetary gearmotors in this power class from a catalog. Our P series products are a significant step closer to achieving this ideal. The gear units are designed so that the gearmotor is directly mounted in front of the planetary gear unit. Couplings, intermediate flanges and adapter flanges that take up space and increase costs are a thing of the past. P series units are available in 9 sizes, covering the 24 to 359 kNm torque range. Areas of application for P gearmotors: all applications in which large weights have to be moved at low speeds.

Your benefits
- Perfectly matched units (gear unit and motor)
- Large range of options thanks to the SEW-EURODRIVE modular concept
- Short, compact design since there is no need for couplings and adapter flanges. Standardized units, which means an excellent cost-performance relationship and increased availability.

Hlekkur: http://www.sew-eurodrive.com